I am very excited that I’ve gotten so many new followers even after this blog has technically “ended”.  Thank you to all of you new people who are reading through it, it really means a lot! 

Remember, if you would like to continue to read another story textingenjolras-apocalyptic is full of drama.

ALSO I have created a blog chiefly for the purpose of answering random exciting questions, if anyone is interested in that.  It’s based on an AU I’ve had in my head for quite a while but I didn’t really know what to do with it.

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Teaser Trailer #2 for the film that will end the storiesfromlesamies vlog.

(Uploaded to let you know that we are still alive and this film will come out soon!)


amour-de-tous said: CONGRATULATIONS, COSETTE AND MARIUS!! <333 Did everyone get to attend the wedding? Where did you go on a honeymoon? Was M. Valjean there?

The happy couple is still honeymooning in New York City and from the pics I am constantly getting, I’m going to say that they are having a wonderful time.

And yeah, everyone was able to go and we all looked pretty damn handsome in suits let me tell you that.  Enjolras even wore his pink and blue boutonnière without protest and was able to stand up through the entire thing.  I was impressed. 

M. Valjean attended as well.  He has been pardoned by our new government and all of his crimes have officially been erased.   





Dear Bossuet,

A year ago today we lost you forever. We lost your laughter.  We lost your smile.  We lost your loving and caring nature.  We lost a good man.  We miss being able to hug you.  We miss being able to patch up your scrapes and bruises.  We miss catching you when you tripped.  We miss your wisdom.

We miss you. 

But you will never really be gone. We will hold you in our hearts forever, until we meet again. We will never forget you, Bossuet.  Never.  


Joly and Musichetta


Happy Bastille Day, my friends.  Enjoy the fireworks.  -E


Texts From Enjolras: The End.

France is free. And it always will be. Always.

Okay, wow, I just now saw this and I&#8217;m crying. 
Thank you so much, it&#8217;s perfect.

Texts From Enjolras: The End.

France is free. And it always will be. Always.

Okay, wow, I just now saw this and I’m crying. 

Thank you so much, it’s perfect.

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There is no way I can just end this blog without saying a few things such as …



This blog would not have been what it was without any of you.  You all helped to tell the story just as much as I did and I hope you consider yourself part of it all.  

Please remember that my personal blog is we-are-the-others-that-rose, so if you ever need to talk, don’t hesitate to message me.

I hate goodbyes so I’m not going to treat this like one.  Instead can I just say …

Grab your tomahawk and your rifle, crank up the AC/DC, put on your warpaint and run, run as fast as you can … and try to stay alive.

Because the Crown never sleeps.




The Future That They Bring


He could hear bells.

Enjolras cracked his eyes open and immediately groaned when he felt the aching pain shoot through his entire body. 

            “Enjolras?” A calming, familiar voice broke through the haze of pain.

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Good morning/afternoon/night! 

I’m here to give you all a little update and share some news!! WHOO. Okay, so Enjolras is currently fully awake right now, he’s being stubborn and refusing to take large dosages of pain meds because he wants to be able to talk about plans for the future of France.

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