Anonymous said: How did it go? What did E's father want?

We don’t know.  He hasn’t come back to the apartment or answered any of our texts … which means it probably went poorly. -Courf



Anonymous said: E, I think you should tell the others about this. That way you can at least find whoever's playing such a sick joke. I know you want Prouvaire to be alive, but with this kind of joke, you should just cut it off and not let this distract you. [Mod, I want Prouvaire to be alive, but I also didn't want to break the fourth wall ;)

I don’t want Prouvaire to be alive. … I mean … I do but I don’t because he’s dead.  I have coped with him being dead and I have accepted his death and so he can’t be alive.  

So it’s a joke, and I’m going to find out who is making the joke and no one else needs to hear about this because I can fix it and no one needs to be upset.

I can take care of this it’s fine.  I can do it.  It’s just a sick joke.



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Enjolras threw his phone across the room. 


Anonymous said: Hey R, what do you do when you make a really bad mistake on an advanced art project? Cause I did just that. Help me plz!

Uhhhh it depends on what you did? some things might be fixable but if it’s not just make your mistake part of the project.  

OR do it all over again … ugh fuck that sound like a lot of work.  just make the mistake part of your project.  spilled some orange paint on the sky? suddenly it’s a surreal painting and there’s a huge goldfish flying in the sky. problem solved. 



burd3ned said: Helloooo! I wanna ask something. How do you stop procrastinating? (Mod, I freaking love this blog, the characterization is absolutely perfect, and i'm rereading this blog ^^)

You stop procrastinating by doing your work. You’ve got to just buckle down and do the shit you don’t want to do.

Sometimes it’s a issue of organization.  It’s very hard to work when you are completely disorganized so maybe clean up your work space, get a work schedule together, then sit down, turn on some music, be sure you have some snacks and water and just get to work.  

It’s got to get done sooner or later, so just remind yourself that you will feel so much freer once you have completed your work!


(Thank you so much!!! :) and good luck on rereading!)


Anonymous said: What was Jehan's top 10 favourite poems if you don't mind me asking...

He didn’t have a top ten.  Every time we asked him what his favorite was he’d start listing a million and say that one poem was his favorite for this reason and another was his favorite for some other reason. -Combeferre

Jean always said that ranking poetry, or any kind of art, wasn’t fair because there was something profound and beautiful in all of them, because someone poured their heart and soul out onto a piece of paper and allowed other people to read their deepest thoughts and desires. … how could you possibly rank something like that? -R


mynamesdrstuff said: How do you feel about gastric brooding frogs

they are a menace to society!!! -R

Do you even know what a gastric brooding frog is? -Combeferre 

YES. they are these huge toads that live in the underbelly of the Chicago sewer systems.  they feed on their young and carry machine guns to rid themselves of predators who attempt to fuck with them.  they live, breath and eat, fine Italian wine and they only listen to classic Jazz. -R

… that was nonsense.  A gastric brooding frog is—- -Combeferre



That is a Amazon Horned Frog.  … also did you just draw that? In the five minutes we have been having this conversation? 


maybe -R

I give up. -Combeferre


I wanted to take the time to give a special THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me a kind message over the past few months.  Seriously, it means a lot to me :) 

To those of you who read through the entire blog (or made it through The Trek, as it has come to be known), GOOD JOB and thank you.  One of the best compliments I can get is knowing that there are people out there willing to read through the entire story. 

Thanks to all the people who have come back to this blog after it “ended” in June.  That also means so much to me :)